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Modified Deep Plane Facelift:SMAS Imbrication Technique

Catalog #: 336
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Lenght: 43:00
Surgeon: Stephen W. Perkins, M.D.
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Modified Deep Plane Facelift:SMAS Imbrication Technique
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The patient is a 44 Y.O. white female who exhibited premature loss of elasticity of skin and moderate development of jowls, jowl ptosis, as well as submental skin, fat and platysma ptosis. This time proven technique in face lifting involves submental and jowl liposuction as well as submental platysma excision and direct lipectomy with corset anterior band suturing. Complete skin elevation of the neck accompanies this treatment of platysma as it is suspended posteriorly after undermining the platysma and central face SMAS unit. Imbrication of the SMAS and platysma is accomplished after performing a modified version of the deep plane facelift. Elevation of the mid-facial tissues over the malar eminence and superficial to the zygomaticus muscle is performed simultaneously. A unique method of suspension of these two units is demonstrated. Proper attention to details of incision placement is carefully outlined to achieve a very satisfactory surgical, as well as satisfied patient result. Post-op care and dressings are demonstrated.

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