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Chin/Pre-Jowl Implant & Submalar (Midface) Augmentation, Revision Chin-Total Mandibular Augmentation

Catalog #: 501
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Lenght: 2:14:58
Surgeon: William J. Binder
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Chin/Pre-Jowl Implant & Submalar (Midface) Augmentation, Revision Chin-Total Mandibular Augmentation
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Dr. Binder’s two patients are female and a male. The female wishes to have more fullness in her cheeks and a reduction of the early jowling that is present. The male patient wishes to have an existing chin/mandible implant removed as it is ill fitting and shows. Dr. Binder takes us through the pre-operative evaluation, markings and anesthesia for a chin, pre-jowl, submalar and malar implant. A malar implant is demonstrated but not placed in either patient. On the male he demonstrates removal and replacement of a new implant using a unique retrograde approach in combination with an anterior approach through a chin incision. In both cases, chin incisions, making pockets, intraoral incisions and submalar pockets are demonstrated. This nearly bloodless dissection illustrates how careful use of proper instruments aids in successful outcome. Attention of paid to anatomy, particularly the mental and infraorbital nerves. Dr. Binder carefully controls the limits of dissection through the use of the “Smart Hand Technique”. Submalar implants are kept in place with an externally tied suture around rolled dental gauze. Dressings are shown and highlighted with application of a compression mask which significantly reduces post operative swelling. In addition to the two surgical cases, Dr. Binder provides two PowerPoint presentations which provide an overview of the use of chin, submalar, malar and mandibular implants. This DVD is menu driven enabling the view to select desired portions of the surgeries.

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