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Perioral Rejuvenation

Catalog #: 803
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Perioral Rejuvenation
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This DVD addresses rejuvenation of the lower face, lips and perioral region. Techniques are presented to enhance the lips and to diminish deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and the corner of mouth frown and droop. Also demonstrated are techniques of Botox and Radiesse injection to rejuvenate the lips and perioral region as well as micropigmentation (permanent makeup) to enhance the lips. The procedures are performed under local anesthesia and may be combined with other facial rejuvenation techniques. Dr. Clevens discusses in detail the use of Botox for lip and perioral rejuvenation. Pre and post operative images are presented for all procedures. The menu driven DVD running time is 1:09:17 and is divided into 7 parts: overview, corner of the lip lift with Radiesse, sub-nasal lip lift, direct excision of the nasolabial folds, direct lip lift in conjunction with corner of the lip lift, botox presentation and treatment, and micropigmentation.

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